Track your lifetime goals with your friends!

Bucketeer is a web application for tracking 'bucket list' goals. It allows users to create a list of life goals that they'd like to accomplish, and keep track of those goals as they achieve them. Developed as a part of BrickHack 2015, Bucketeer aims to help make accomplishing your goals fun by awarding users badges for various accomplishments. The source code for Bucketeer is available on GitHub, and a live version of the application is available at bucket.ninja.

In addition to tracking goals, Bucketeer provides support for tagging items; there are even some badges that you can unlock by accomplishing goals in certain categories, such as 'Travel'. This feature helps users to categorize their goals, and is helpful to users with large or complicated bucket lists.

Bucketeer was developed in collaboration with Val Booth, Zachary Friss, and Corban Mailloux at Brickhack 2015, a 24- hour hackathon held at RIT. It won an award for "Best use of Digital Ocean."