Naval conquest through a chat room!

Chattleship is an implementation of the classic board game "Battleship" based heavily around, a popular video streaming site for video games. Players can vote on coordinates using the built-in Twitch Chat, and the resulting board is displayed using a video stream. To accomodate for the delayed video, a chat bot also posts the results of each move in real-time. The source code for Chattleship is available on GitHub under the MIT license in two parts, chattleship-server (A very simple battleship HTTP API) and chattleship-bot (A twitch chat bot that sends commands to the server).

Chattleship also features a simple AI that plays alongside the chat. The goal of Chattleship is for the players in chat to collaboratively sink all five randomly placed ships before the AI is able to do so on its own board.

I developed Chattleship on my own at BrickHack 3 using node.js with express. The UI is written as a static webpage using HTML/CSS. The stream runs using Open Broadcaster Software, a free and open source program for streaming video to a variety of services.