Gr8ing System

A simple enrollment management system.

The Gr8ing System is a simple course registration/enrollment/grading system developed as a part of the "Engineering of Enterprise Software Systems" class at RIT. It acts as a very simple enrollment management system (like one you might find at a college). This application was written in Python 3.4 using the Django 1.7 web framework. The course and enrollment data is stored in a PostgreSQL database. The code for the Gr8ing system is available on GitHub.

In addition to basic course scheduling and enrollment functionality, the Gr8ing System supports integration with Google Calendar. Using the system, you can import your Google Calendar to check for conflicts with a proposed course schedule, and also export your finalized course schedule to Google Calendar.

The Gr8ing system also has support for pdf transcript generation using the ReportLab library for Python. Transcripts include information about credits and GPA earned, and can even span multiple pages.

The Gr8ing System was developed in collaboration with Nicholas Coriale, Alex Maniates, and Michael Washburn.