Share tools with the people around you!

Toolshare is a web application written using Python and the Django Web Framework for communities to get together and share their tools. The source code for this project is available on GitHub.

Toolshare allows users to sign up and request access to a 'sharezone', or a community of users (usually located in the same geographic area). Once approved by a sharezone administrator, that user can add new tools to the sharezone, or create reservations for tools they need to borrow. All information about tools, such as their quality, past and current reservations, and owner information, are stored in a SQLite3 database.

In addition to general user functionality, Toolshare provides a powerful administrative control panel for sharezone administrators. This panel allows admins to manage users, tools, and reservations. For example, the admin may approve or ban users from the sharezone, remove tools that have gone missing, or modify reservations (if, for example, a tool was returned before its reservation was over).

This project was developed in collaboration with Val Booth, Corban Mailloux, Michael Washburn, and Bryon Wilkins.