Hi! I’m Adam! I’m a Software Engineer at Fragment. This is my personal webpage, though I’m currently rewriting the content and modernizing the stack, so you won’t find too much here. In lieu of a thorough website, here’s some facts about me.

What do you do?
By trade I’m predominantly a backend engineer with experience building safe and scalable financial systems, but I love learning new things and finding ways to help out. I’ve recently picked up frontend technologies like React and Tailwind, and am having a blast building cool UIs.

What about for fun?
I love video games, especially classic JRPGs. I spend a lot of time playing through single-player story-based games.

I also play the piano, and love playing soundtracks from my favorite games.

What other fun facts about you are there?

  • I like to make home-made pizzas.
  • I have a cat named Nala.
  • I make lots of puns and most of them are terrible.