Here's a list of a few projects I've worked on, both for classes and as side projects. Click on the name of any project to see more detailed information and screenshots for it!


Chattleship is a version of the classic board game Battleship, specifically written to integrate with Users type coordinates in the chat, and the board is sent back over the video stream. The goal is to sink all of the randomly placed ships before the AI does! Chattleship is written in node.js, using express for HTTP routing and tmi.js for integration with Twitch.


Toolshare is a web application that allows communities of people to share tools with one another. It has functionality allowing members to add, share, and borrow tools, as well as some admin tools for sharezone coordinators. Toolshare is written in Python using the Django web framework.


Bucketeer is a web application for tracking life goals. It aims to make achieving things on your 'bucket list' more fun and rewarding using badges and statistics. It also allows users to categorize their lists into different types of objectives. Bucketeer was developed at BrickHack 2015 and won "Best use of Digital Ocean." Bucketeer is written in Python using the Django web framework.

Gr8ing System

The Gr8ing System is a web-based system for school enrollment management. It allows its users to register for courses, and allows instructors to manage their students' grades. The system also interacts with Google Calendar to allow students or instructors to export their schedules to their calendar, or check for conflicts with existing commitments. The Gr8ing System is written in Python using the Django web framework.

Space Scenes

Space Scenes is an Android widget that uses NASA's "Astronomy Photo of the Day" API to show a different photo of outer space on your home screen every day. You can click on the photo to view a larger version, as well as detailed information about its contents.